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Pair opens up 2nd inside layout shop to display potentialities

ouple opens up 2nd inside layout shop to display potentialities

Feb. 1, 2023 | Sarah Heinonen

Twin Field House’s display room alternatives several layout services, comparable to match this elbow chair and also cabinet. Image thanks to Double Field House

EAST LONGMEADOW – “Desire. Layout. Construct.” That’s the slogan Alexandra and also Joseph Tremblay have actually made use of for his/her within layout business, Tremblay Maison, given that opening up in 2008. That identical slogan is the motivation for his/her business’s 2nd place, Double Field House.

Joseph specified that, whereas successful, Tremblay Maison, 153 Longmeadow St., Longmeadow, is “comfy.” The pair sought the accurate place to create and also display the makers they lug, along with myriad layout potentialities. In 2022, the Tremblays opened up Double Field House at 45A Baldwin St. in East Longmeadow.

The 11,000-foot display room alternatives all approach of products and also goods, from floor tiles to refine lights and also floor covering to home furnishings, along with carpets, devices, bed linen, furniture and also art work. “If it enters your house, we advertise it,” specified Objective Manager Tori Flick.

“We’re the biggest key in East Longmeadow,” Flick specified of Double Field House. “People don’t discover exactly how a great deal currently we need to provide.”

Alexandra specified opening up Double Field House offered the business an appropriate retail residence, with enough space to reveal full-height home furnishings, 40 toes of lights and also a pretend flower shop, she specified. Joseph included, “We advertise cabinets and also floor covering, a variety of traces for all worth elements.”

Making use of absolutely various names for the 2 locations “supplies us 2 absolutely various identifications,” Alexandra specified. Whereas Tremblay Maison is a tiny, design-focused shop, Double Field Home is a huge retail and also display-oriented display room.

Solution pressed layout

That isn’t to claim Double Field House does not provide full-design suppliers. The business has 4 endeavor supervisors, an engineer and also a variety of developers that operate in each locations.

“Most definitely, some people might walk in and also claim, ‘I require to acquire this self-importance,’” Flick specified, nevertheless “our additional design-focused leads require Alexandra to find back out to their house.” It matters not what leads are passionate concerning, Flick specified the business can fit it. She specified the purpose is to not make a sale nevertheless to aid leads uncover the accurate item for his/her house. “We’re extremely solution pressed,” she included.

“[Customers] can are offered in and also obtain aid from real developers with out starting and also spending great deals.” Alexandra specified.

Alexandra specified the business concentrates on certain orders. People can enter into the display room to search, and also the team could aid them tailor-make a portion they such as, “in fact guaranteeing the person is the driving power,” she specified. Flick specified the business’s “distinct” home furnishings program allows leads to build sofa devices, “from what foot you require to what phase of fill.” Twin Field House might likewise make a flower organization mainly based upon purchaser choices, making use of any one of its containers or one amongst a purchaser’s individual. Alexandra included, “We offer supply suppliers with a white handwear cover solution.”

Alexandra specified, “We service a wide room,” from Cape Cod and also the Rhode Island shore to New york city and also Maine. Joseph included that positive element to have actually outgrown the coronavirus pandemic is the now-ubiquitous nature of teleconference knowledge, which has actually permitted their business to offer leads further away than ever before.

Regardless of the area the endeavor is or which place leads pick, Alexandra specified, “We desire you to like your residence.”

For additional details on Tremblay Maison, most likely to Twin Field House might be found at

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